Guidelines for Telegram Ads Creatives, Channel, and Bot Approvals

This guide for creatives, channels, and bots in Telegram Ads will help you create your first advertising campaign and will serve as a useful reference for those who have been working with the messenger for a long time.

When creating an ad, we recommend avoiding:

Imperative mood. Do not encourage potential customers to take active actions and remember that native ads pass moderation in Telegram Ads quickly:



Texts with exclamation marks will not pass moderation:
“Today only!”

“Gift for subscriber!!!”

“You are the best”

Misleading statements:
“Only today for channel subscribers”

“Planning a renovation?”

“Don’t know how to get rid of weeds?”

Messages with a large number of emojis will not pass moderation. We recommend not using them for creativity at all:
🔥 Discounts are back: 2,000 rubles for 🤑

What the moderation in your channel pays attention to:

Using aggressive motivation:
“Take it now, it will be more expensive later”

Motivation based on “pains” of the target audience:
“Buy the course to pay off your debts”

Formulations that guarantee unjustified profit:
“In 1 month of my training, you will earn 500k easily and without problems”

“Multiplying income by x3”

“I told you how I made 2 million rubles in a taxi”

Overdoing the selection of text. Bold, italic, CAPITAL LOCK - takes up more than 20% of the content “Channel about digital marketing:
cases, tips, analysis of new tools


1. The site must be informative and visually clear: there must be detailed information about the product or service. An ordinary laying site will not pass moderation; 

2. Substitution of sites is prohibited - Cloaking; 

3. The site should not consist of nothing but empty promises; 

4. The website title should not contain promises of quick and easy income; 

5. If the site is for medical goods or services, then: - indicate on the site the TIN and license to provide services; - we do not show the result “BEFORE” and “AFTER”; - we do not demonstrate (photo, video) the process of injections and operations; 

6. Advertising of graphic (photo) shocking or sexual content, hatred, violence, harassment, elections, political advertising, religion, gambling, harmful financial products or services, uncertified medical services, medications, supplements, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons is prohibited , firearms, explosives, ammunition, spam programs, malware, hacking. 

7. Dermatology, aesthetic cosmetology, dentistry, ophthalmology and more are suitable for advertising medical sites in Telegram Ads. Medical services of a drug treatment, venereology, oncology nature, as well as liposuction, AI (artificial insemination) and other similar areas will not be moderated.


1. The name of the bot should reflect its content;

2. The bot must be in Russian;

3. The description of the bot must be filled with information about the main functionality of the bot;

4. In its messages, the bot should not address “you” or say “I”;

5. Messages from the bot should not contain many emojis, capslocks, or exclamation marks;

6. The use of profanity is prohibited;

7. If the bot uses a quiz/questionnaire, then the results should be different, depending on the user's answers. If the results of a quiz/survey are always the same, regardless of the user’s answers, then such a bot will not pass moderation;

8. The bot must provide internal usefulness for Telegram users. Have useful functions within itself. A bot that is created only to collect contacts or to redirect to an external resource will not pass moderation;

9. If the bot provides an external link (sign up for a seminar, Landing Page, download pdf), then: • this should not be the main task of the bot; • it should be native and unobtrusive;

10. A bot should not spam messages to its users. The maximum allowed number of messages per day is 1-2;

11. The bot must have a menu and a clear structure for easy navigation;

12. It is prohibited to replace the content of the bot after passing moderation;

13. Use a deep link to advertise your bot.

Follow these rules and “ok” from Telegram Ads moderation is guaranteed